Common quality problems of artificial stone and quartz stone 2019-11-26 Click:

1. color difference
Generally speaking, the plates of the same product lot number are the same. When processing, the plates of the same lot number must be used for connection. It is not allowed to connect plates of different lot numbers. If there is color difference after connecting the same batch of plates, please first confirm whether the grinding degree of the plate is consistent, especially the grinding degree of the dark series plate will directly affect the color difference. Secondly, wipe with a wet rag and confirm in natural light. It is best to observe from the same angle.

2. Impurities

The boards need to be inspected before leaving the factory, mainly for size, color, and miscellaneous points. Generally speaking, 0.3mm miscellaneous points are normal. Impurities larger than this size will be removed by patching. The specific method is to use The double-sided blade digs out impurities and hollows out into an inverted cone shape. Note that the hollowing out cannot be whitened. The color of the entire hole wall must be similar to the color of the board surface. After adding an appropriate amount of curing agent to the grout, add it from the hole wall first. After repairing, apply a blade and then pound a few times Avoid creating pores.

3. Cracking
Artificial stone products are prone to be listed at corners, stovetops, basin openings, front skirts, rear water stops, etc. Generally speaking, when designing the countertop, all corners should be rounded at 25mm or more; the sides of the cooktop and basin mouth should be straight-edged; the front skirt and the backwater barrier should be firmly bonded, and prohibited in the opening position Connections at corners, cabinet installation should be horizontal, and the support span of the countertop should preferably not exceed 600mm, and it is not easy to set the board space when the span exceeds 600mm.

4. joints
Generally speaking, artificial stone products can be seamlessly spliced. First, the board to be barred is processed with a gong machine, and then the spliced surface is polished to maintain a certain finish. Secondly, if an appropriate amount of curing agent is used and the splicing glue is evenly mixed, Coated on the connection surface, clamped with F clamp to ensure sufficient curing and then polished.
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